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Michael Falk

Born in Germany 1929, Following the events of Crystal Night (Krystallnacht)

1938, Was sent by his parents to a foster Jewish family in Dublin, Ireland.
1944-1946 Studied at the National College of Art, Ireland
1946 Joined his parents and settled in the United States
1947-1950 Studied at Cooper Union School of Art and Engineering, New York
1950 Moved to Kibbutz Gal-On, Israel
1957 Moved with his family to a Moshav, Sde Warburg, Israel, where he raised                  sheep and grew avocados, while continuing his art.
1991 Retired from farming. Since then he has devoted himself entirely to painting. 

Married to Yaffa Falk and together they have t
wo children and six grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

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